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IPTV market size in 2018

The Problem

Where can I watch FREE TV?

Finding good quality TV content online is not an easy task – most platforms require subscription and payment. Others may have interesting content but are completely unorganized, not set as TV-channels and they’re not designed for long – term watching. You are also bound to a single content provider, and to not have the option to watch other content.

The Solution

All-in-one IPTV solution

TiviApp was uploaded to Google Play nearly a  year ago. It contains multiple TV channels from free sources and several genres, so anyone can find something to watch. It also has the ability to add multiple playlists from different providers, and has all the compatible features, such as recording, TV-guide, adding external lists etc.

About TiviApp

The process of finding and managing TV content online from the numerous sources out there can be tiring and sometimes overwhelming.  And that’s exactly where TiviApp fits in – a new IPTV service, which steppes in to fill the void left by traditional television . We offer you an app, which has all the features you need in to watch TV: free TV channels, TV-guide, recording capability and much more. Want to watch something else? Have your own playlist you want to load? No worries – you can upload and watch it via TiviApp, quick and easy. You can even use it to watch videos downloaded to your local device.

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