Get the best IPTV experience with TiviApp

What is TiviApp

TiviApp is the ultimate platform for watching live TV. We aim to provide you with that same old good experience of watching TV just as with your current cable/satellite provider.

Why TiviApp

We will always be a FREE, 
full-featured platform for third party extensions and content providers. With TiviApp you are not limited to any specific IPTV service.

You and TiviApp

With TiviApp you can easily choose, change and upgrade TV-related information from various content providers. You also have the ability to share your favorite  TV content with your friends.

Full of Goodies

TiviApp is much more than a standard IPTV Player. With full M3U and EPG support, recording abilities, favorites, sharing and HTML content, we are one of the best platforms of this kind.

Check Us Out

Unlike other IPTV players, we don’t limit ourselves to any specific channel lists or content providers. TiviApp allows everyone to merge their own plugins (AKA providers) into the TiviApp environment. This will create additional Channel-lists, TV-guides, Subtitles, Audio Tracks, Premium Content and much more TV-related data to choose from. With TiviApp you can have channels from several IPTV providers in a one customized list. Switching services has never been easier.

Content Providers
Join Our Platform!

We encourage you, content owners and resellers, to get in touch with us in order to explore various partnership opportunities.  With TiviApp every content owner can easily distribute streaming content and EPG data by using our developers API. Check our guide for beginners for more information.

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